The switch on the Base

Since my guitar is an easy pickup changeable, there are stereo jacks to connect pickups which cables are soldered to stereo plug. The reason I use stereo Jacks and plugs is that humbuckers have Hot, Grand, and Tap. These three lines are solderer to stereo plugs. The switch is an ordinarily 5 points one with 2, three points circuits. But I changed the circuit to get the more sound variations. I cut the connection between point 4 and point5, and the center three connection cupper bars between 2 and 3 on one circut and 3 and 4 on the other.

3D Printing Base Part

Updated design
Previous design

To reduce the cost for 3D printing, I shortened the size. Not only cost cutting, I put several ideas to increase usability. The bridge has a base to make it easy to set the steal bridge block. Screw heads are included for 3D printing (only the shapes, we need steal nut). Neck adjustment screw has been set with 15 degree angle to make it easy to turn a screw driver.