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601 Studio with 3D guitar


3D Printing Guitar was invited to JOYSOUND 601 Recording studio at Nagoya

Kudo-san played the guitar

Abe-san played the guitar


601 Studio is one of the highest quality studio in the area. I enjoyed there. I experienced how my 3D printed guitar sounds on Marshall head and Fender deluxe reverb, Two Rock. Two rock is famous for John Mayer. Marshall had a big sound Fender had a really good vintage sound and Two Rocks had a modern low noise powerful clean sound. Thank you so much.

2 types of bridges and Tunings

Mark V Model 1

Using the united block of a bridge, end-tail, and machine head. Very compact and light. Wonderful mechanism

Mark V Model 2

Using a head which was cut by myself for tail-ending and tuning. The bridge is a Tune O matic type.

Model 2 is the same as Mark IV

Mark IV experienced the several stages such as on the desert, on the music fes, and on the streets.

Mark IV has a roller bridge, which is good to keep tuning.